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Concrete Refinishing

Shine and Brilliance Beneath Your Feet

Concrete Floor Finishes

Shine and Brilliance Beneath Your Feet

Concrete Refinishing Services


There are a plethora of finishes available for your concrete floors.

Acid stains provide a marbled finish that is suited for the more adventurous folk. If you are looking for a more subtle finish, you could choose a water stain that provides a more consistent finish.

Epoxy finishes are also trendy and come in several different forms, such as metallic, quartz sand and granite. You could also choose to simply apply a sealer to provide a matte sheen to your concrete’s natural color.

Whatever choice you make, you can trust the team at Concrete Care to provide you with dazzling results. Call us today to book an appointment!

What Are The Benefits Of Concrete Flooring?

There are several other benefits to choosing concrete flooring, aside from the broad array of finishing options.  

Firstly, concrete is very low-maintenance, to the point of being maintenance-free. The most a polished concrete floor requires is a good mopping and buffing every once in a while.

Secondly, concrete floors are virtually indestructible to everyday usage. There is very little that you can throw at a concrete floor that would cause it any kind of damage, outside of a deliberate jackhammering.

Finally, concrete flooring is very safe, even when polished. Anti-slip aggregates are usually integrated into the surface and concrete itself, being extremely dense and stable, will not buckle under the weight of people and machines.

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