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Concrete Grinding service

Concrete Care uses modern technology and our 27 years of experience to revitalize old and tired concrete floors. We create the illusion of marble and granite flooring at a fraction of the price of the real thing. Get in touch with our team to arrange for a consultation visit!

Concrete Grinding in New York

why polish concrete floors

Polished concrete’s strength and aesthetics make it an ideal finish for a variety of buildings and spaces. Homes, stores, schools and offices all benefit from this solid material’s foundation in their rooms and hallways.

When you choose Concrete Care to treat your floors, you are choosing a smooth, durable surface that mimics the elegance of premium-priced stones such as granite and marble. In addition to this classic, beautiful look, you’ll enjoy exceptional longevity at a fraction of the price tag!

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At Concrete Care, we’ve eliminated almost all the most common environmental risks that can come with a floor polishing service. Our work creates no hazardous waste, and we reuse what little dust that is left from the grinding process to fill any pores in your stone’s surfaces.
In our efforts to reduce excess dust even further, we are committed to continually reviewing and refining our process! To learn more about our eco-friendly procedures or to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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